8 flavours

Our Magic Waffles are all made with the same soft, consistent, and delicious dough, and generously filled. 50% batter and 50% filling: the ideal proportions for a perfect Magic Waffle!

Fruit waffles: apricot, cherry, mixed berry, mango, and apple.

The waffles are filled with delicious purée and real pieces of fruit. These fillings have a high fruit content of up to 90%. A delicious way to eat more fruit every day!+

Gourmet waffles: Belgian chocolate, custard, and Biscoff

For even more indulgence, we’ve created three creamy fillings that are a hit with young and old alike.

The key points of our recipes

  • A controlled amount of sugar compared to other waffles, so you can indulge sensibly
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavours *
  • No artificial colours **
  • GMO-free
  • Veggie **
  • Compatible with a halal diet

* Except custard
** Except custard and Biscoff

Fruit Collection





Mixed berry

Gourmet Collection


Belgian chocolate



Our history and expertise

The story goes that, in 1922, a baker near Andenne, Belgium, once created a special dough recipe to keep the filling inside the waffles. This recipe is a family trade secret, handed down and preserved from generation to generation.

His grandson decided to produce and market these filled waffles on a larger scale and founded the Betramos company on 16 January 1989.

The company then passed into the hands of Serge van den Nieuwenhof in 2019. The filled waffles were given the name ‘Magic Waffles’, the production facilities were upgraded, and the teams strengthened. Soon, the products were being sold on the export market with growing success.

Our values


Our production processes meet the highest quality standards on a daily basis. Our site is IFS-certified and registered with the FASFC and FDA, guaranteeing the food safety of our products.

We select our raw materials carefully, giving preference to local producers and suppliers.

Our working methods and production site are optimised to reduce our environmental impact.

We use Fairtrade cocoa for our Belgian chocolate Magic Waffles.

Our company is also RSPO SG-certified.


Our dough recipe has been tried and tested for generations. We’re proud to carry on the tradition and continue to make Magic Waffles using the authentic family recipe.


Tradition meets modernity here! Our waffle made from traditional dough is the ideal casing for a very contemporary filling. It’s a new way of eating tasty waffles on the go.


A Belgian product for export

Magic Waffles are distributed on every continent and in a growing number of countries.

We want more and more foodies to enjoy our products all around the globe! Isn’t that magic?

Would you like to try our Magic Waffles?

They’re available in many supermarkets. Depending on where you live, you’ll find them either in the Bakery/Pastries section or in the Frozen Foods section.

Magic Waffles are also distributed to food and catering professionals: restaurants and snack shops, school and company canteens, bakeries, and many others!

Can’t find our Magic Waffles in your favourite shop? Feel free to mention it to the manager and give them our contact details. We’d be delighted to talk to them!

Would you like to distribute our Magic Waffles?

Our Magic Waffles are stored, transported, and delivered frozen. They can be stored in three ways:

  • In the freezer (12 months from production date)
  • In the fridge at a maximum temperature of 7°C for 10 days, for all the flavours
  • At room temperature at a maximum of 20°C for 4 days (except custard and Biscoff waffles)

Our Magic Waffles are delivered frozen.

48 x 80g
Option : individual sachet

4, 8, 16 x 80g
Waffles packaged in individual bags
(frozen section)

4 x 80g
(pastry department)



15 + 5 =

Good to know

How are they packaged?

As a Retail pack in the frozen food section or as a Blister Pack in the Bakery/Pastries section.

How do you heat them?

They’re delicious reheated in the toaster or oven.

How do you store them?

Once defrosted, Magic Waffles can be stored for a maximum of:

– 10 days in the fridge for all the flavours

– 4 days at room temperature for fruit and Belgian chocolate.

How do you prepare Magic Waffles?

For optimum texture and flavour, we recommend reheating your defrosted Magic Waffle in the toaster for 1 to 2 minutes. They’re quick and easy to prepare. The result is a soft pastry with a lightly toasted surface and a filling at a pleasant temperature.

You can also reheat the Magic Waffles in the oven for a few minutes at 240°C.

If you’re not at home, simply take your Magic Waffle out of its packaging and enjoy.

Where and when can you eat Magic Waffles?

Feeling peckish? Really hungry? Just feel like a treat? Enjoying a Magic Waffle is a magical moment of pleasure at any time! It’s the perfect opportunity to take a break, slow down, and recharge your batteries!

A good breakfast with a Magic Waffle will give your children the energy they need for their school day. Or slip a Magic Waffle into their schoolbag for their snack break!

At the office, between meetings, while waiting at the bus stop, on your way to the gym, at a picnic on the beach, or skiing… Magic Waffles can be taken anywhere!

How do you store Magic Waffles?

  • In the freezer (12 months from production date)
  • In the fridge at a maximum temperature of 7°C for 10 days, for all the flavours
  • At room temperature at a maximum of 20°C for 4 days (except custard and Biscoff waffles)

How can you personalize your Magic Waffles?

Magic Waffles can be eaten as they are every day, and their generous filling makes them so tasty!

You can also prepare delicious desserts with our Magic Waffles, adding your own personal touch:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Chantilly cream
  • Chocolate or caramel sauce
  • Custard
  • Fruit coulis
  • Ice cream

The whole Magic Waffles team hopes you enjoy magical moments!